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So, where do you go when you need your Apple device fixed (warranty or non-warranty)? You could go to Apple, but the turn around and the hassle isn't always worth your time. Enter Mission Repair. These guys have reasonable priced repairs for dropped and broken glass in your iPods, iPhones... etc. Their turn around is top notch and their people are pretty easy to talk to. When we have clients that need a tight turn around, these are the go to people. It's our "secret" ace in the hole.

Mission Repair, Kansas City:
Mission Repair is the leading service company for all of your electronics repair needs. Our goal is to stock the thousands of parts necessary to revive your failing iPod, PowerBook, Cell Phone, or PlayStation Portable and we employ Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (new employees are in the process of becoming fully Certified Macintosh Technicians) so you can rest assured that your device is being handled by a professional. We carry a long line of Apple service products and the most popular repair kits for iPods, iPhones, PSP's and many cell phones. With parts in stock and a purchasing department constantly looking for new deals and large quantity purchases, we are committed to providing our customers top quality Apple repair solutions at rock bottom prices.
Mission Repair

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 Amazing Brushed Aluminum "Von Slatt Keyboard" 

 Vonslattkeyboard Finished1
Brushed Aluminum "Von Slatt Keyboard":

Richard Nagy is an awesome artist, very much steeped in steampunk designory.

This keyboard was made using a modern USB keyboard which turned out to be a major pain, but after some adjustments and fine-tuning, the keyboard is solid and the keystrokes smooth and responsive.

The keys are made using authentic vintage Royal typewriter keys with stainless steel rings and clear lenses. The spacebar was custom-made using a piece of border steel salvaged from an old picture frame and a piece of gloss black plastic.

The customer wanted it in a brushed aluminum finish, so we decided to keep a solid black-and-silver theme throughout. Once the metal work was roughed out, I noticed that with the drilled sides and brushed finish, the keyboard had a sort of "vintage aircraft" feel to it. With that in mind, I suggested that we add "jewel" style instrument lights like the kind that were used in old airplane cockpit panels and the customer agreed.

If you are interested in having one made for you, please do not hesitate to email him and do so. Word of warning: These are not cheap. Each keyboard is hand-made and polished, not laser-cut or stamped. This keyboard contains roughly 355 different pieces, all painstakingly assembled with loving care.

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 Terms and Conditions Shirt Arrived! 

Terms and Conditions Fitted T-Shirt :

From the Designer: “09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0 By reading this shirt you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions: full text at”

$15.99 Sweet!

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 Batterygeek: 6 Hour Macbook Batteries! 

 Pps1 Images Portable Power Station Portable Power Station Lg Pps-Bag1

The new Portable Power Station by Battery Geek, Inc. supplies an additional 6+ hours of mobile computing time for the Apple MacBook Pro, providigin support for most Microsoft Windows based laptops as well.

With an 140 watt-hour capacity spawned from premium grade Li-ion cells, the Portable Power Station provides power to support a demanding mobile office.

The external battery can power devices from 3v to 28v making it a versatile external battery. The Portable Power Station doubles as a battery backup for mobile phones, PDAs and media players.

Designed as a MacBook companion, the Portable Power Station is roughly half the size of the 13" MacBook and weighs less than 2 pounds. The shock resistant aluminum shell protects the battery from damage, and its compact profile slides conveniently inside a laptop case.

All this for $350. Make sure you request the MagSafe connector if you plan on using this with your Macbook, they don't include it unless you mention it.

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 Wireless Camera Hunter and Viewer - Camera Detector 

Wireless Camera Hunter and Viewer - Camera Detector:

Yhst-81126207287951 1939 1433217

Thousands of wireless cameras are hidden in public and private places - Find the ones in your area

The device allows the user to see what the Hidden Camera is seeing, making it easier to detect hidden video. The monitor display is a high resolution 2.5 Color TFT Screen that displays the Video Image and the exact frequency of the transmission. This Wireless Camera Hunter is lightweight, portable, compact and perfect for counter surveillance applications.

You would not believe how many cameras you will find! See what they are viewing. If you have you own cameras The Wireless Camera Hunter is also the best multi-channel, handheld wireless video receiver for your own wireless cameras. View them all from one easy to use device. This will not interfere with other receivers you may have connected to a monitor or recorder.

Perfect for long range Counter surveillance. Detect cameras, up to 500 ft away, such as rooftop cameras far out of reach.

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 SendStation - Docking Wizards for your iPod 

SendStation - Products - PocketDock FireWire:
 Us Products Pocketdock Images R Ipod Pd Fw

The PocketDock FireWire is an indispensable add-on for the iPod & iPod mini, Apple’s sensational and wildly successful MP3 player. The tiny PocketDock FireWire lets you connect the new iPod’s docking port to a standard 6-pin FireWire cable, thus delivering on the iPod’s promise of freedom and independence.

We've been looking for gadgets like this for sometime. It's just crazy that you can't use a firewire cable to attach your iPod to your Mac, especially when you're on the road. Simple and elegant and for $14.95

Great Minds Think Alike!
 Us Products Dockextender Images Dext-1

I don't know how many times we've sad and stared with sullen looks at our Apple iPod dock stations and wished we could use them. But we couldn't, why?; because we keep our pods in pristine state by putting them in a case. However, this excludes you from ever using any sort of integrated docking (say to speakers or any other pod device) without removing said case and getting your grubby prints all over it.

The wonder boys at Sendstation have finally released the dock extender.

Plug & Play is back

Tired of constantly peeling your iPod from its case to use your docking station or iPod speaker system? Does attaching dock-mounted accessories like a voice recorder make you speechless? Thanks to the Dock Extender, that’s all a thing of the past.
Plug & play finally is back!

Solves any case

No matter what case you own, SendStation’s Dock Extender has been designed to fit it. Your Dock Extender uses the same compact iPod plug as found on the standard iPod docking cable from Apple, so it’s compatible with all cases that have a dock connector opening.

Pricing is TBD, but probably in the $15 to $20 range.

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 KeeLog Hardware Keylogger Solutions 

 Images Kusb01
KeeLog Hardware Keylogger Solutions: KeeLogger Flash USB

Small, fast, and smart. The world's smallest and smartest USB hardware keylogger. This keystroke recorder has up to 8 Megabytes memory capacity, organized into an advanced flash file system. Super fast data retrieve is achieved by switching into Flash Drive mode for download. Completely transparent for computer operation, no software or drivers required. Supports national keyboard layouts.

These guys make an excellent product that is a very affordable keylogger for security profiling, both in law enforcement and corporate settings. Prices run from $79US to $99US.

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 Virtual Keyboard for PDA or Laptop Use  

Tired of trying type on your Palm or SmartPhone and need a keyboard? Here's the coolest keyboard you can get, and it deploys at the flick of a switch.

 Images Vkb Box Small2  Images Vkb-Animation

iTech Laser Keyboard

About the size of a small cellular phone, (90 x 34 x 24 mm), the VKB enables users to type texts or e-mails as easily as with a ordinary keyboard. Imagine how easy it would be, if you had a proper mobile phone keyboard that fits in your pocket...

The I-Tech Virtual Keyboard uses a light projection of a full-sized computer keyboard on almost any surface. Used with PDA's and Smart Phones, the Virtual Keyboard provides a practical way to do e-mail, word processing and spreadsheet tasks, enabling users to leave laptops and computers at home.
VKB's adaptable technology studies the user's finger movements to interpret and record keystrokes. Because the virtual keyboard is an image projected by light, it disappears completely when not in use.

Note:The VKB is both PC and
Macintosh compatible...!

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 Dick Tracy Ain't All That... Walkie Talkie Watches - I Want One Of Those  

Walkie Talkie Watches - I Want One Of Those
These Walkie Talkie Watches are quite literally the handiest pair of walkie talkies around. Not only do the watches have a full clock function, but they're also professional PMR (a slightly easier way of saying Private Mobile Radio-communicators) watches. In fact they are of such high quality that they were sported by the Norwegian Winter Olympic team during last year's Winter Olympics - and if anyone should know about tough communication it's the Norwegians - you try saying "hjelp, jeg vet ikke hvor jeg er" in a high wind and being understood.
 Images Product Wt2Wat Wt2Wat Lg
Talk about sweet. And for about $110 USD.

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 MacAlly Ships Cable-less iPod adapter 

 Gif Products Ipod Link360A Link360A 000
Macally Link360-A is a 3D swivel 30 pin to IEEE 1394A FireWire 400 adaptor. This compact size adaptor allows you to connect iPod® to computer in a whole new way.

Recommended for : iPod® 3G, iPod® 4G, iPod® Photo, iPod® with color display, and iPod® Mini
• Connects iPod® devices with 30 pin connector to IEEE 1394A
(FireWire 400) equipped computers
• 3-Dimensional swivel connectors allow easy access to FireWire port
• Compact size for traveling convenience
• Includes a 4 ft FireWire extension cable

• Net Weight: 0.3oz
• Extension cable length: 4ft
• Warranty: 1 year



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