Chrome Extension Allows Remote IT Support 

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is the first installment on a capability allowing users to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook.

The goal of this beta release is to demonstrate the core Chrome Remoting technology and get feedback from users. This version enables users to share with or get access to another computer by providing a one-time authentication code. Access is given only to the specific person the user identifies for one time only, and the sharing session is fully secured. One potential use of this version is the remote IT helpdesk case. The helpdesk can use the Chrome Remote Desktop BETA to help another user, while conversely a user can receive help by setting up a sharing session without leaving their desk. Additional use cases such as being able to access your own computer remotely are coming soon.


Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is fully cross-platform, so you can connect any two computers that have a Chrome browser, including Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks.

Editors Note: This is going obviate using Teamview for 90% of our clients. By offering the same one off password validation, it's a great secure offering.

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 Trance Software: Linefeed Converter 

 Images Linebreak
Trance Software:

LineBreak is a simple utility for Mac OS X that converts line breaks in text documents. It can convert to Mac, UNIX®, and Windows/DOS formats. It is written entirely in Cocoa and supports drag and drop from the Finder. LineBreak is a Universal Binary (works great on PPC and Intel Macs).

LineBreak is Free Software

LineBreak is licensed under the GNU GPL. This means that not only is LineBreak monetarily free, but the source code is made freely available as well.

This application rocks! Need to make a command file for Halo on the Mac? Use this to convert the .txt file to windows linefeeds. Good Soup!

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 I can has syntax? 


It is can be LOLCODE time plz?:

They're in ur Intarwebs, creating a programming language. The attack of the lolcats has spilled over to programming, with LOLCODE, a language based on the mangled grammar of lolcats. Pull up a buckit and I'll help wif ur understanding of LOLCODE.

Of course, like lolcats, LOLCODE has no practical or educational value, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun -- and how often do you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the development of a programming language, anyway?

I can has syntax?

The LOLCODE language is still being developed, but you can start learning LOLCODE and even help shape its development. If you're a fan of lolcats, you'll find the syntax easy to remember. If you're not, you probably haven't read this far.

What introduction to a language would be complete without the ever-popular "Hello World!" example? LOLCODE provides a "HAI WORLD!" example instead.

LOLCODE I HAS IT You begin each LOLCODE application with the HAI statement. Next, use the LOLCODE print statement, VISIBLE, and finish your application with KTHXBYE:


You'll notice, of course, that everything in LOLCODE is in all caps.

I'm in ur loop, iterating ur variable

To declare a variable in LOLCODE, use the I HAS A statement, like so:


Here, we're declaring CHEEZBURGER as a variable. Let's take a look at a short script that will iterate CHEEZBURGER and print out its value:


VISIBLE "I has dis many: " N CHEEZBURGER


The I HAS A statement declares the variable CHEEZBURGER as 1. The IM IN YR LOOP statement starts the loop.

Next, we print out the current number using the VISIBLE function. You need to include N CHEEZBURGER rather than just CHEEZBURGER to print out the value of CHEEZBURGER. Then we do a comparison test, to see if the value is greater than the amount we want to trigger the end of the loop. UP CHEEZBURGER!!1 tells LOLCODE to add one to the value of CHEEZBURGER.

When we do the test, if it matches (YA RLY) LOLCODE will GTFO and exit the loop. If it doesn't (NO WAI) it will iterate the variable again. Note that the loop ends with KTHX rather than KTHXBYE, which is recommended only for closing the whole program block. Finally, we end the program block with KTHXBYE.

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 Bits on Wheels: Excellent Mac Torrent Client 

Bits on Wheels:

The Native Mac BitTorrent client with a live 3D view of your swarm Bits on Wheels is the first 100% Native BitTorrent client for the Macintosh. It is completely written in Objective-C and Cocoa.

Bits on Wheels is currently a Freeware. It is not opensource nor public domain.

It's faster than any of the other BT clients we've tested. Clean interface and well maintained.

This should be in the dock of every Mac user!

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Always on the watch for a good widget, iSlayer makes several. Their Lava Lamp widget is a great distraction. is a small team of focused widget, web and application developers. Our sole aim is to build as many impeccably crafted, free or very reasonably priced widgets and applications as possible. So far we've done an ok job on the widget front, and are looking to OS X applications for our next challenge.

Icon Istatnano OniStat pro Highest place of #1 on's widget download chart, Apple "staff favourite" and over 1.7 million downloads.

Icon Istatpro OniStat nano Highest place of #1 on, featured widget on, Apple "staff favourite" and over 1.4 million downloads.
Icon Ilovelamp OnI Love Lamp Highest place of #1 on, featured widget on, Apple "staff favourite" and over 370,000 downloads.
Icon Icetv OnIceTV Several press articles including MacWorld, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and over 170,000 downloads.

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 TubeSock - Rip videos from YouTube 

 Tubesock Img Tubesock

TubeSock - Rip videos from YouTube:
TubeSock grabs YouTube videos from the web and copies them to your video iPod, Mac, or PlayStation Portable. TubeSock knows how to convert the video using the codecs and bitrates best for each device. It can even add the video to iTunes for you.

These guys rock. Their integration with Safari allows you to easily capture YouTube videos and save them to your iTunes library or right onto your iPod. It's only $15. Yeah, Yeah - we know there's free alternatives to getting a video off of YouTube, but none that do it this simply. The Cow went hog wild and found all those cool '80's rock videos and is well on his way to having a nice retro rock music video library.

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 JScreenFix - Free software to fix stuck pixels and burn-in 

JScreenFix - Free software to fix stuck pixels and burn-in:
 Images Stuck Pixel

Not entirely sure that this actually works, but it's kinda fun to run. Take a look and see if you can get it to really fix a dead pixel. At free, it's hard to beat over replacing your screen.

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 Powerbook & Macbook Pro Backlight Control! 

Lab Tick
 Images Labtick Menu
Lab Tick - Introducing Control.

Have you ever been annoyed by your PowerBook's (or MacBook Pro's) backlit keyboard? You can not control it, you simply have to deal with the behavior dictated by the ambient light sensor, which sometimes does not work really well. The idea of a backlit keyboard is awesome, but the implementation in Mac OS X has its flaws. Lab Tick aims to fix them.

This software rocks! The cow has been waiting for something like this for a long time. Finally you can get some use out of the keyboard backlight, not just in the dead of night.

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 Electric Sheep 

This could be the coolest screen saver you can have on OS X.
Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of
people all over the world. It can be installed on any ordinary PC or
Mac. When these computers "sleep", the screen saver comes on and the
computers communicate with each other by the internet to share the
work of creating morphing abstract animations known as "sheep". The
result is a collective "android dream", an homage to Philip K. Dick's
novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Anyone watching one of these computers may vote for their favorite
animations using the keyboard. The more popular sheep live longer and
reproduce according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and
cross-over. Hence the flock evolves to please its global audience.
You can also design your own sheep and submit them to the gene pool.

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 Fenêtres Volantes (Flying Windows) 

This screen saver for OS X Fenêtres Volantes just rocks!

You are not using your windows ? Fenêtres Volantes make them fly ! After some idle time that can be set in the System Preferences, the windows take off the screen and flutter in the void. On a mouse move, the windows immediately come back and stuck to their original position.

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