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 Trolls and How to Deal with Them 

Stopping Internet Trolls is running a great article that presents several excellent solution for dealing with internet trolls. Just about any forum you've ever been on has them, the list mom, the spelling freak and many others. A highly recommended read.

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 Don't Read This Number (or you'll go blind) - Honest! 

Ah. The power of words. The MPAA posted the master key for decoding HDDVD discs in a takedown C&D letter. So they posted it. So here it is.


Don't say we didn't warn you.


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 Intel Powered Apple Hardware Sooner than Later? 

This in fromAppleInsider, as always, take it with a grain of salt.
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Along with its transition to Intel processors, Apple Computer in the first half of next year will introduce new eye-catching industrial designs for both of its laptop offerings, AppleInsider has learned.

Although the Mac maker has only gone on record in saying that the first Intel-based Macintosh systems are due
by the middle of 2006, information passed on by extremely reliable sources indicates that the company is on track to begin introducing its first Intel machines much sooner.

With the initiation of the Intel Power Mac project last month, all five of Apple's Intel Macintosh projects are now said to be underway and moving at an exhaustive, yet fruitful pace. It should come as no surprise that Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is reportedly leading the charge, with his heart set on making 2006 the next 1984.

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