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So, where do you go when you need your Apple device fixed (warranty or non-warranty)? You could go to Apple, but the turn around and the hassle isn't always worth your time. Enter Mission Repair. These guys have reasonable priced repairs for dropped and broken glass in your iPods, iPhones... etc. Their turn around is top notch and their people are pretty easy to talk to. When we have clients that need a tight turn around, these are the go to people. It's our "secret" ace in the hole.

Mission Repair, Kansas City:
Mission Repair is the leading service company for all of your electronics repair needs. Our goal is to stock the thousands of parts necessary to revive your failing iPod, PowerBook, Cell Phone, or PlayStation Portable and we employ Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (new employees are in the process of becoming fully Certified Macintosh Technicians) so you can rest assured that your device is being handled by a professional. We carry a long line of Apple service products and the most popular repair kits for iPods, iPhones, PSP's and many cell phones. With parts in stock and a purchasing department constantly looking for new deals and large quantity purchases, we are committed to providing our customers top quality Apple repair solutions at rock bottom prices.
Mission Repair

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